Update from Bob Mach

Jeannette Alligood : September 2, 2014 6:22 pm : Missionary Letters


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Update from the Walter Stevens

Jeannette Alligood : August 28, 2014 2:48 am : Missionary Letters


Our official prayer letter/report has been purposely late in order to be able to update you with better and current information concerning our situation with Dolly’s cancer. Though, we have been sending out updates via email and social media. Here is where stand today. After Dolly’s chemo there was some minimal reduction in her tumors, but it was also discovered that blood clots were in both of Dolly’s lungs. She was hospitalized immediately and put on blood thinning medications. We then counseled with Dolly’s oncologist and were told that Dolly would have to “be on chemotherapy the rest of her life.” Because of the poor quality of life a cancer patient experiences during chemotherapy, this was not an option for us. We prayed and asked God for direction. God directed us to contact the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. At Moffitt, Dolly was tested again. At first the doctor thought that there was some continued reduction in Dolly’s tumors and was putting chemotherapy “in his back pocket.” But after the doctor investigated further with the radiologist, he determined this was not the case. Not only does he feel there has been some growth, but to our dismay possibly some new lesions as well. The only treatment options were a different type of chemotherapy drug or back on hormone therapy. Dolly has opted for the latter. Please pray for a favorable outcome.

FIRST REAL FURLOUGH The end of August will be one year since we came stateside due to Dolly’s mom’s failing health. This is the first real furlough we have ever had. The dictionary defines furlough as follows; “a leave of absence, especially that granted to a member of the armed services”. We may not be soldiers in the military but we are most definitely soldiers of the cross.

OUR MOMS   Dolly’s mom rebounded after a few weeks when we first arrived, but then she finally went home to heaven. Her funeral was a great memorial to a very special lady indeed. My mom’s cancer has spread throughout and the doctors have given her just a few months. She is looking forward to heaven.

OUR FUTURE It, therefore, has been determined by divine providence and, as a result, of Dolly’s health situation that our ministries in Europe have been put on hold. Our future of fulltime involvement in European Gypsy ministry seems unclear, especially with the fact that due to Dolly’s cancer, blood clots, treatments and general health, she may never return to Europe again. We are now residing in Bradenton, Fl as Dolly undergoes medical treatment in Tampa. We are surrounded by Gypsies! You will find Gypsy fortune tellers here on almost every major street and highway. In the past, I have even preached to the Gypsies of Bradenton at the Bible Baptist Church back when I had a ministry in Miami. I led the Roma patriarch to Christ and had the privilege of baptizing him over a decade ago. Marco Mitchell is in heaven now, but his large family resides here in Bradenton, Sarasota and surrounding communities. If the Lord allows, we will start a ministry here to the Roma. I still have several ministry “irons in the fire” in Hungary and Romania. As Dolly’s health allows, and I have the liberty to leave her side, I will continue to minster there from time to time. I am planning on being at the graduation of our institute in October of this year. I still oversee our many ministries there and assist Pastor Rafael and Pastor Fekete.

GLAD TO SAY       As Dolly’s health has allowed I have kept a pretty busy preaching schedule. I was even able to preach a couple of times for Gypsy missionary Lawrence Evans in W. Palm Beach, FL. Pastor Yannizzi at Bible Baptist here in Bradenton has used me to fill his pulpit on a few occasions. While in Ohio, I was able to be a real encouragement to Bro. Nick Evonovich who has taken over our Cleveland Outreach. He is doing a great job, but needs to start raising his financial support. Cleveland Baptist has recently licensed him into the gospel ministry and he is finishing his training at the institute there.

God is allowing me to be a blessing to missionary Jason Mann who is going to Hungary to establish churches in this needy part of the world. Jason has helped me to establish and maintain our first ministry website. The address is; www.gypsies77.com. Please check it out. There are a lot of interesting links. Check out “Ghitsa’s story”’ under the “MORE” tab.

DELAY IN HUNGARY We were disappointed to hear that the building in Hungary was in worse condition then we expected. When the roofer went to repair the roof he discovered some serious structural damage. As a result, we had to retain an architect and since there was going to be structural building changes he had to draw up blueprints. The design is beautiful and practical, but way over budget. The monies we have now will not cover all that needs to be done. Please pray we can raise the funds and finish before winter.

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Update from Jim and Laura Pranger

Jeannette Alligood : August 19, 2014 8:38 pm : Missionary Letters

Aug 2014 Jim Pranger prayer letter_Page_1

Aug 2014 Jim Pranger prayer letter_Page_2

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Letter from the Stevens Family

Jeannette Alligood : August 19, 2014 8:26 pm : Missionary Letters


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Latest Prayer Letter from Robert Mickey

pcescape : March 21, 2014 4:43 pm : Missionary Letters

Dear Praying Friends,


Several years ago God brought to our attention the need for churches in the country of Burundi.  Burundi is a landlocked country in East/Central Africa that seems to have been forgotten by missionaries in this present time. Burundi has a population of nine million people and does not have one Independent Baptist Missionary in the entire country.  Information is very hard to come by, but it seems that there has been very little missions work ever done by Independent Baptists in this country, and certainly nothing in the past several decades.  I have personally passed through Burundi and her capital Bujumbura over thirty times when traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Every time I pass through God burdens my heart about the need of Gospel preaching churches in this country. A few years ago, we began working with a small congregation that expressed interest in being a Baptist church.  After confirming the salvation of those attending, we baptized the entire congregation. We have continued working with this church and appreciate many changes they have made, but have come to the conclusion that to minimize several problems, we need to see a new church started; a church that has the right foundation from the very beginning. We have anxiously prayed and waited for a missionary to come to Burundi, but God has made it abundantly clear that we should not be waiting for someone when He has already prepared a people to do the work.  We are officially announcing that the Grace Bible Baptist Church of Nakuru, Kenya, will be starting a new Independent Bible Believing Baptist Church in the capital city of Burundi, Bujumbura.  We plan to begin this new work sometime in the next few months.  This is a MAJOR undertaking for our church in Nakuru. It will be time consuming, very expensive, and we will face many trials.  We do not know how God will provide, but we believe God, knowing that where God leads, He guides and provides.  Please pray for this huge responsibility that the church is about to take on.  We need your prayers and look forward to sharing with you news of a new church in Burundi.


The Grace Baptist Academy is a ministry that we do not usually speak much about, but it is a ministry that has become very special and where we have seen God bless.  Twelve years ago we started a small nursery school at the Grace Bible Baptist Church.  God gave us the desire to see the school expand.  We began adding one class to the school each year.  We are now running two schools, a nursery school and a primary school.  The nursery school has 120 students and the primary school (1st thru 8th grade) has 280 students.  These 400 students meet everyday on our church property and it gives us a great opportunity to see them trained, not only in books but in the Bible.  We have seen many wonderful salvation decisions and lives changed.  We have now expanded our primary school to include a boarding school with 75 students.   Many of our boarding students come from South Sudan and it has given us a greater burden for the people of South Sudan.  Having a Christian school brings its own unique set of problems, but it has been a tremendous ministry in reaching people, and has allowed our church family to ensure that their children get a quality Christian education.

His for Kenya,

And the Regions Beyond,

The Mickey Family

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