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From the very beginning of its inception, Cleveland Baptist Church has put a great emphasis on the church fulfilling the Great Commission. Our founding pastor believed that missions and a missionary emphasis were necessary for a church to know God’s blessings and favor. As a boy growing up in this church, I remember him saying from the pulpit that our church was struggling financially so we needed to take on more missionaries. Sure enough, we took on additional missionaries and God blessed the church and it grew and was blessed financially.

Beyond God’s blessings, there is the idea of obedience. Christ has commanded His church to go into all the world and preach the gospel, win people to Christ, see them baptized and then discipled. Then finally another church is then birthed. Cleveland Baptist Church has taken this command seriously. The links on this page take you to the missionaries sent out of Cleveland Baptist Church. God has enabled us to be the sending church for several families and two single individuals. Please take a few moments to visit their pages and see what God is doing through their obedience to follow Christ’s command.

Kevin Folger